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Pennsylvania Avenue in the Rain

U.S. Capitol from the House Side

U.S. Capitol Rotunda

U.S. Capitol from the Botanic Gardens Conservatory

Early Morning at the Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial

Sitting Lincoln

The Lincoln Memorial with Clouds

The White House from Lafayette Park

Jackson Silhouette, The White House

U.S. Capitol from Bartholdi Fountain

Capitol Columns Reflections, National Arboretum

Column with Light, National Arboretum

Capitol Columns with Clouds, National Arboretum

Capitol Columns Silhouette, National Arboretum

U.S. Capitol & Tree

A Capitol Reflection

U.S. Capitol from the National Gallery of Art

Pyramids, National Gallery of Art

Grounds of the U.S. Capitol

U.S. Capitol at Dusk

Iwo Jima Memorial, Study 1

Iwo Jima Memorial, Study 2

The Washington Monument from DAR Constitution Hall

Andrew W. Mellon Memorial Fountain

Supreme Court Columns

Lady Justice, U.S. Supreme Court

Memorial Bridge in the Mist

Lone Equine, Memorial Bridge

Through the Balustrades

Navy-Marine Memorial

Gulls & Wave, Navy-Marine Memorial

United States Air Force Memorial

Spires, United States Air Force Memorial

Reflection, United States Air Force Memorial

View Across the Potomac

The National Mall

The Washington Monument from the Jefferson Memorial

U.S. Capitol from the Folger Shakesphere Library

U.S. Capitol from the Canadian Embassy

U.S. Capitol from the Supreme Court

The Jefferson Memorial

Columns of the Jefferson Memorial

The Washington Monument Through the Columns of the Jefferson Memorial

U.S. Capitol from the Washington Sailing Marina

Independence Avenue, Steps Along the Potomac River

The Old Lincoln Theater

Duke Ellington Abstract

Duke Ellington Portrait at the U Street Metro

Ben's Chili Bowl

Washington National Cathedral, Study 1

Washington National Cathedral, Study 2

Washington National Cathedral, Study 3

Washington National Cathedral, Study 4

Tidal Basin in Winter

Footbridge Over the C & O Canal

Sunrise on the Potomac River

The Potomac River Near Carderock, Maryland

Key Bridge from Jack's Boat House

Footbridge Over Rock Creek

Rock Creek Park

Fast Water, Rock Creek Park

The Rock Creek

Under the Boulder Bridge, Rock Creek Park

Water Fall at Peirce Mill, Rock Creek Park